Basically Naked Valentine's Day Outfits

I don't know about you but I used to love to stress my significant other out as much as possible. Watching him squirm and sweat because of my appearance was my favorite show. Although he was attracted to me in everything I wore, putting on an outfit that hugged every curve and roll was my favorite ensemble. Here are a few outfit ideas that are sure to catch your S/O's attention.

Blush Belle

If you love blush and all things light pink this look is for you. Why not put on boudoir wear for dinner to remind your S/O that dessert is only a rip away.

Skanky Scarlet 

This ensemble is all about breast. Leave little to the imagination with this sexy satin two piece set. Although wearing red on Valentine's day seems basic af this nip slip number will turn up the heat.

Cleavage Cheetah 

If cleavage isn't enough bump it up a notch by wearing pasties under a sheer dress. 

F*ck Me Fuchsia

Are your legs your best attribute? Great, go as short as possible. Your S/O knows exactly what's under that skirt and there's nothing wrong with easy access.

The Commando Outfit

This outfit is inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's naked dress. Don't be afraid to "go commando" for a night. Your S/O knows every curve and roll on your body and loves every one of them. Leave the Spanx in the draw for the night and opt out for a seamless thong. As for the girls let them roam free, besides how often do you get to go braless.
I hope this gave you some great ideas for Valentine's Day Outfits. 










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