Galentine's Day Celebration Ideas

Valentine's Day is here and although most of us are taken, some are still single. Despite having a significant other to celebrate with, I honestly prefer the Galentine's Day pre-party. This year I'm having a bit of difficulty narrowing down just how to celebrate it. In my circle, I'm the event coordinator not because I'm some weird control freak but because I genuinely enjoy planning events. I don't know why but I flourish in stressful situations and I love the responsibility. I can't quite figure out what to do for G-day, but hopefully, this list will help me narrow it down.

Group Date

Get all dressed up and sexy for brunch, a dinner date, or maybe even a VIP section. Use Galentine's Day as an excuse for a ladies night out extravaganza. There is no better feeling than great conversation or drinks and dancing with your chosen sisters.

Be Daring

Try something that you normally wouldn't. Karaoke sober, give speed dating a round or two, try a new cuisine together. The options are endless. Have fun with your girls and look good while doing it.

Slumber Party

This is the board I sent my friends to ask if anyone was interested in having a rainbow hearts party. I've always been obsessed with the slumber party scene in the movie SpiceWorld and I wanted to re-create it. Like every other girl in the '90s, Spice Girls, rainbows and Lisa Frank were my things. Although this is a super cute idea, We're going to save this party theme for later on in the year. 

 Get Active 

Some of the top contenders on my G-Day list are all about having fun. I'd love to go-kart, maybe even play a game of laser tag or two, and of course bowling.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that the purpose of both G-Day and V-Day is LOVE. Make the day out or night in with your gal pals super special and memorable.
Happy Galentine's Day Fats!!










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