5 Holiday Season Organizing Tips

Now that halloween is over and the holiday season is approaching most people are beginning to lose their mind. I'm always calm, cool, and collected this time of year because I normally already have a plan in place. Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, and 3 Kings Day can become super stressful especially if you celebrate multiple holidays. And let's not forget about the additional stress that work and or school's "Secret Santa" adds on. I like to keep my Holiday Season stress free and easy so that I can enjoy my birthday (Christmas Eve). I'm sharing my holiday season routine and I hope it helps you create a new organized tradition for yourself.


Decorate Early

I know most people love to decorate after or even the day of Thanksgiving. Try decorating early, it alleviates the pressure of rushing to get things done before December first. You don't have to go full blown tree, just hang a wreath and add some festive decor around the house. A trinket there or a mini tree here, will not only help you get in the mood but will serve as great daily reminders.

Create a Budget

This part will probably be the most difficult, depending on your finances and the number of individuals you need to gift. A tip of mine is gift who is most important. Simplifying your gift giving list is a great way to relieve stress and stay on budget. Whether the list only consist of immediate family, just the children in the family, or just close friends. Figure out who your gifting and how much you're spending. 

Set Reminders

Your phone is more than just Instagram and Apple Music, so take the time to schedule your entire life on there. Set a  reminder during that time of day when you're most likely starting wind down. Maybe its the train ride home, or while you're letting you face mask sit, whenever it is utilized this time to plan and maybe even shop. Holiday season in no way shape or form has to be difficult. 

Pay Attention to Promotions

Check all 50 of those emails you get a day, you never know who is having an amazing pre Black Friday sale. Skip waking up at 3am or even shopping the day of Thanksgiving and stay home comfortable in bed. I HAVE NEVER PARTICIPATED IN BLACK FRIDAY ... EVER! With that being said, I'm not an expensive gift giver. I'm also not an expensive gift requester either. I find the sales to be completely useless outside of electronics.

Shop for Gifts Weekly

This year I know exactly who I'm gifting and exactly what they are getting, I've literally had this planned out since June. Everyone is getting their favorite bottle of alcohol wrapped up in a bow. Whether it's wine, cognac, or vodka. whatever it is expect a bow on. My entire 27th year has been about no nonsense and doing things that make my life easier. I've always been an amazing gift giver but putting so much effort into little things has rendered me exhausted. So, I've been buying bottles of alcohol weekly, and yes the clerk at the liquor store judges me but at least my love one's will have a gift they'll actually use. As for the 2 little munchkins in my family (my nieces), I've been purchasing them one toy a week since the first week of October and I can't wait to watch them rip them open. 

I'd recommend using this method if you are shopping for a big family. It forces you to get things done early so that you can enjoy your holiday season as well. And don't forget to buy something for yourself.

Extra Tips:

Learn how to wrap.
Write your list / ideas down.
Personalize gift wrapping.
(The traditional To:/From: is so boring, Try Monograming initials on to gifts with letter stickers).
Hide presents in dresser draws under clothes on in empty suitcases.
(Closets + under the bed are obvious hiding places. Don't forget where you hid them!)
Gift yourself****








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