My 2020-2030 Vision Board

I bought in the new year in a calm and relaxing way. I made vision boards and sugary cocktails with my best friend.
We got dressed in our finest sweatpants and headed over to Michael's only to spend hundreds of dollars on stickers... Literally. I've never been judged by a cashier so hard in my life! But it doesn't matter because our boards turned out to be everything we wanted and more. My initial plan was to buy some paper, glue on some photos and cut outs. Slap on some stickers and a few quotes. Then frame it, hang it, and call it a year. Michael's however had other plans for me, So I ended up with a shadow box filled with the decor and still honoring some aspects my original plan. 
My vision board is pretty boring. ZURIIARII is my main focus and priority in life and my board makes that very well known. 2019 was a very productive year for me, I learned so much about myself and let a lot of goals go. I no longer hold things like marriage on a pedestal and have even scratched it off of my list as a goal. Can I get real for a minute? I've completely given up hope when it comes to love. For the past five years I feel like I put a lot of of my energy and my time into trying to fix a hiccup and make someone else happy. It was a draining experience and I don't feel like I have any love left to give... at the moment. So for the better half of 2019 I put myself and my business first.
I'm a Capricorn so I know exactly what I want and I am not afraid to work for it. This decade I will strictly be focusing on my brand. I also want to be focused on myself. Although I'll be ending this decade in my late 30's I don't want to get caught up in "love". I've also made up my mind about children and the answer is none! So what you're seeing in the photo of above is what I want to be a decade of growth. 

Vision Board Map:

 2020-2030 Decade of Growth:  I want to grow my brand and I also want to grow mentally.
Mend Fences: Extend and olive branch to individuals in relationships that didn't end well.
Find a Therapist: I don't want to enter real adulthood caring around pain or hurt from my childhood, so I think that it is important for me to communicate with inner me.
Don't Work For Free: This is a big note to self. In the past sometimes I would get so caught up in wanting to help that I would forget to ask to be compensated.
Treat Yo Self: A note to remind myself that I deserve it. Treat yo self to... your favorite food, a pedicure, relaxation, vacation, a drink, a care free night out, etc.
Remain Authentic: I'm currently in the process of trying to grow a following. I want to make sure that once growing a large following and clientele that I always stay the same me. "Fame" and money changes people I've seen it happen. I also never want to betray my morals for a couple of likes.
A Photo of 143 Prince St, New York, NY 10012: I want to own this building or at least one similar to it. 
Love Again: Self explanatory. Just a reminder to self to do so when I'm ready.
Book a Vacation: I have a hard time taking breaks or vacations. After the fourth day I am bored and itching to do something productive with my time.  I see vacations as rewards and I am not quite happy with where I am business wise do I feel no need to reward myself.
Don't Settle For Less: Just me reminding my self not to settle for less pay, less love, crappy quality product etc.
Humble Yo Self: A note to self. Although it is great to have confident it's never ok to be cocky. No matter where life takes me I want to be reminded to f*ckin' relax. 
Stickers: Travel and UnWINE Reminders.
Starfish: It's a mermaid thing, I'm named after the little mermaid and I love the sea and all of its creatures. They are also a reminder to go on vacation. (I need a lot of reminders to do so)
Calla Lilly: Something to keep me close to my mom. I want to cover her grave in these one day.
Giant Faux Diamonds & Pearls: A "stay boujee" reminder. Growing up I was teased a tiny bit fo being boujee, now that its popular no one seems to mind but its a big part of my personality. 
Here is a photo of my actual vision board in it's shadow box. I'm unsure if I want to hang the box or convert it into a lap desk. However, I do know for sure that at the end of the decade I would like to turn it into an end table. I know that my vision board is super simple but I only have my eye on one prize. I hope that this inspired you to make a vision board for the decade instead of the year. As the years progress reflect and add more must haves to your board.








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