My Fat Girl Travel Guide

Traveling is difficult enough as it is but traveling while fat... well its not that different but it has it moments. Here are some ways I find comfort in traveling and I hope this helps you for your next trip.

Idk about you but a Cute Outfit gets me through any and everything! I'm a lot nicer when I like what I'm wearing and if its comfortable I'm pretty much in a good a mood all day. Try wearing a matching set, a lounge jumpsuit or a sweatpants + sweatshirt combo for a stylish yet snug voyage.

I love flying First Class! I know what you're thinking, Who has the funds for that? But it is actually very affordable when booking in advance. A domestic round trip Delta First Class flight can start as low as $760. When you think about all of the amenities it's actually a great deal. Pillows, blankets, unlimited movies/shows, FREE ALCOHOL, a boujee ass meal, spacious seating, and most importantly Hot Towels! On a serious note, If you are a fat person first class is your best friend. No need to worry about seat extenders or taking up too much of someone else's space.

A Stylish Spacious Carry-on is Everything! Although a first class flight gets you 2 free checked bags up to 70lbs, if you’re  anything like me; you are PARANOID! Checking bags are my absolute last resort! Try finding a 18”-20” carry on with a ridiculous amount of expanding room. Purchasing a structured bag like this trunk, will ensure that no matter how tight you pack it, it will always fit in the over head bin.

Bring your own Seat Belt Extender! If first class isn’t in your budget, you’re a little shy, or you just don’t feel like flagging a flight attendant down, this can save so much time.  

Wear Simple Shoes and Socks! Nothing is more annoying than waiting for someone to untie their shoes and nothing is more disgusting than walking across a dirty TSA checkpoint barefoot. Save time dress smart! 

 1. Jania 18" Hardside Spinner 2. Blush Plush Zip Mock-Neck Pullover 3. Blush Plush Knit Joggers .  AEP Earplugs 4. Chestnut Suede Slipper 5. Room Service Please Slipper Socks 6. Seat Belt Extender 7. Rose Gold on Ear HeadPhones 8. Travel Bag Set . Black Packable Puffer 9. Faux Fur Travel Neck Pillow 10. Travel Toiletry Bag

Don’t Wear a coat, Put a Packable Puffer in your purse or Backpack. Empty the pockets!

Put all of your favorite cosmetics in 3.4 oz Toiletry Bottles. Purchase a kit with a funnel!

If you have to check bags mark your territory with the UGLIEST Luggage Tags! I’m talking a bright fuzzy yellow big bird tag on your Damier Graphite Keepall Bandoulière. 

If you’re NEVER flying first, Bring Your Own Alcohol! You know those tiny shots at the liquor store on the counter? Yeah, those were made for long flights. 

A Neck pillow, Headphones and Sunglasses are my favorite way to inform people to leave me alone. However, do tap me for a mimosa and when the food is ready. 

Although most of these tips were common knowledge, I hope they served as great reminders. Travel safe this holiday season and stay cute.

Extra Tips:

Want to save money? Travel during low season. (Travel to Paris instead of Cancun for spring break).

Last minute trip? Use the hotel tonight app.

Want to be treated like royalty? Book through the hotel's website, it's more expensive but affective. Become a rewards member**

Want to find out the truth about your hotel? Look through the "Traveler Photos" on Trip Advisor (Pay attention to dates).

Sunday is the cheapest hotel day no matter the season. Skip a vacation and settle for a stay-cation in a suite for half price.

Favorite Hotels: 

Miami - Mondrian South Beach: so close yet so perfectly far from the strip.

Puerto Rico - San Juan Water + Beach Club: Beautiful Boutique Hotel Right on the Beach.

Manhattan - Royalton: Giant Tub and the Loft Room Fire Place is so romantic.

                    Hotel On Rivington: Giant Tub, Suites are spacious and the balcony views are beautiful. 

                    Yotel: If you want to feel like you're escaping the city, get a terrace suite with a hot tub and invite some friends.

                    Eventi: Just book the one bedroom suite.

Brooklyn - The Tillary: The executive suite is just yes. 










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