My Grown Up Christmas List

I take Christmas VERY Seriously! Mainly because my birthday is Christmas Eve, but even if it wasn't I think I would be obsessed with it anyway. I have everything that I need in life and most of what I want, so my Christmas list is super simple. I'm making this list for many reasons: 1. These are last minute gift ideas, 2. I love making list, 3. To help my family and friends understand exactly what I want this year. Call me crazy or controlling, but I like what I like and I don't make space for things in my life that I don't like.


1.  Kiehl's Super Multi Corrective Cream. This cream is youth preserving and I love every ounce of it!

2. Bath and Body Works Products That Smell Like Dessert. I love smelling like a cake & I love for my home to smell like a Bakery. Any sweet yummy smell is right up my alley. *No Mint, No Chocolate, No Cinnamon*

3. Champagne or Patron. I'm either having a classy night or trashy night, there is no in between! I'm a mess in a dress with no shame.

4. Aldo "Gold" Jewerly. I'm gold girl, never silver! If you ever see me wearing silver... It's white gold. My favorite items are the  Grelilian Gold-Clear Studs and  Kedeclya Ring .

5. Compact Digital Camera. For obvious reasons I can't carry around a clunky Nikon camera everyday. I would love something small and compact that I can take along with me everywhere.

6. A Cute Journal. I love journals because I love to write! Whether it's a business plan, blog idea or my thoughts for the day a super cute good old fashion Journal makes me really happy.

7. Essie (Sugar Daddy) Nail Polish. I love it! It's pink, sparkly, and I'm running low.

8. Anything with my name or initials on it. I'm obsessed with my name and initials! Get me anything monogrammed or personalized and I will love you forever.

9. Rose Gold or Pink Chop Sticks. I don't always use chopsticks but when I do it's 4 times a week.

10. Pink Woolenex MacBook Sleeve. Practicing safe travels! Also my warranty runs out in 2020 and baby girl is playing no games!!

11. An Agenda. I need to get and keep my sh*t together for 2020.

12. Eyes on the Prize Dipping Power. My nails have been the same color (soft pink) for 7 years and this is my favorite dipping powder!


 Enjoy your Holiday Season Fats! 












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