Not So Basic New Years Eve Outfits

When you think of New Years Eve you think of sparkles, sequin, and glitter... but what if you didn't. If you were the only person who didn't sparkle in the room, all eyes would be on you. I've been sparkling since I was 21, So I think I can take a break for one year. Here are some outfit ideas that I love.

Winter White

Every year on my birthday I wear all white. This year I wanted to relax and celebrate with my family so I wore PJ's all day! I always look and feel amazing in white so it is definitely the number one option on my list.  

Royal Blue

This is a great winter color, and a better dark option other than black. Although black is always the chic route, during holiday season it takes the back seat and no longer makes a statement. If you going for mute, basic, or bland, black is perfect. Royal blue however is festive for so many reasons.

High Slit Gown

NYE is basically your second birthday party! So pull out all the stops and do the absolute most! Why not be extra af in a gown and sprinkle on a high slit and serve some thick thigh meat!


Pastels are my favorite color group, most people have a hard time showing these colors love outside of spring time but I think that they are great always. I've been gravitating toward the colors Lilac and Mint recently, They catch my eye everywhere I go.


Don't get me started on velvet it is a winter time must try! You can't wear it any other time of year without sweating to death so try it on what always feels like the coldest day of the year.

I know some of these outfits may not be you typical January go to. or "in season", but all you need to pull off an outfit is confidence and lots of love.
Happy New Year Fats!






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