Wide Leg Woman

For me the Spring/Summer '19 Season has been all about Wide Legged Pants. Patterned, Pleated Or Solid I love them all! For my short stature it is definitely "not recommended" but I don't follow the "rules"! I wear what makes me feel confident, comfortable, and a little bit cocky. When it comes to my new favorite statement piece, I say go big or go home! The louder the print the better I feel.
Here are a few ways to incorporate wide legged trousers into your wardrobe.

Ladies Night

Ladies Night Out is all about being sexy and chic whether you're single, it's complicated or married. No matter the season an evening all black ensemble is always a yes. I know that wearing a bodysuit like this can be daring but pairing it with these sophisticated wide leg pants can simplify things in a good way. 

Brunch Broad

You're either thinking one of two things, "ugh, Lime" or "yaaaaaaaas". Brunch means mimosas Periodt, But there are 2 different types of brunches. There is the "Let's sit down and have a cute meal" Brunch and then there is the "OMG, this is my song!! I can't believe we're twerking at 1pm on a Sunday" Brunch. This outfit is the one for you no matter the brunch you choose. Remember we're fat and neon colors are a bold choice so feel free to play it safe and simple with accessories.


90's Nostalgia

This outfit isn't for everyone, but it is a casual homage to all things 90's. When I think of the 90's I think of primary colors, All That, and being comfortable while having a blast. This is definitely the type of outfit you wear to dollar night at the state fair, a chilly beach bonfire, or even to a small house party with your closest friends. Where ever you decide to wear this outfit PLEASE let your hair down and have so much damn fun!!!

Business First

It's hard to believe but some people still work 9-5 jobs and are corporate professionals in 2019. Outside of influencers, celebs and relaxed work places where employees can where whatever they'd like, Others have to follow a strict dress code. However although the dress code has to be professional it in no way shape or form has to be boring. So swap out a few pairs of bland navy or black pants with a printed wide leg trouser. And have fun with pastel colored tops to remain cool when out to lunch. Also, since your purse isn't technically apart of the dress code treat yourself to something funky once in awhile.

Dinner Date

 Dating for fat women can be difficult but let's face it for the most part everything average sized girls have to worry about on a date we don't have to. Because we are fat our date already knows we eat so no need to play pretend and worry about how bloated we will look after dinner. Feel free to show off your curves or lack there of because your date knows exactly what you look like. My favorite thing about wide leg jumpsuits is that they almost always have a belt. Belts mean cinched and snatched when placed at the small of the waist giving that waist to hip ratio some extra definition. 




The beach is no place to play it safe! They are already looking so give them something to look at! We've come a long way... remember when our only swimsuit options were skirted one pieces and tankinis? Look at us now we have bikinis with matching palazzo pants. Now that we have a piece of the swimsuit fashion pie don't punk out now. Put on your beach best and slay. 

I hope this blog has helped you learn to love wide legged pants or at least just look at them in a different light. They are my go to pant on confident days and not so confident days because they hide the fupa and compliment the booty all at the same time. Depending on the material they can also be really light and keep you cool one those scorching summer days. Whether you're wearing them to work, meeting bae's parents or just an afternoon stroll through the park. Be Confident Fat!!






Hi Jenn, The pants are from Forever 21, but are about a year old found them in clearance.

Jenn S

Where are the pants in the last photo from?

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