About Us

The Owner

I'm a 29 year old born and raised Jersey girl with the passion for looking good while being fat. I've been a little big girl for as long as I can remember and while being 5'2" and 200 plus pounds isn't always easy, I damn sure make it look good. Unlike most I fell in love with fashion later in life. I didn't come into my own sense of style until around 18 years of age, when I stopped caring about what others thought and started breaking some of the rules. I'm not an on trend type of gal, I go with my flow and whatever makes me feel happy that day. Some days I like to feel sexy chic in a bandage dress and heels that I care barely walk in. And on other days I'm a bohemian beauty in a crochet detailed romper and sandals. But let's be honest both of those days I'd rather be in a silky pajama set watching the office. 

The Inspiration

My mother Melvinia was the strongest woman you could have ever met. She had unmatchable confidence and an attitude out of this world. At her heaviest she weighed in at 408lb and loved every inch of herself, If there was an insecure bone in my mother's body trust and believe she broke it on purpose. My entire childhood she did nothing but install endless amounts of confidence and self love into me. Traits that I never knew would be so important today. I am so privileged and honored to have a mother who not only taught me to love all of me genuinely but a mother who never tried to change me, and most importantly never ever displayed hate or dislike for her own body. It has shaped me into the woman I am today, because of her I have overcome all of my physical insecurities and have made it my duty to make sure that other women do the same.


The Story

ZURIIARII ( zOO-Ree-air-Ree) is a trendy apparel shop for Fat and Curve fashions created by a born and raised Jersey girl with a passion for looking good while being fat. Our mission is to aid others in accepting themselves through their self love journey by embracing the word fat, diluting it, and redefining it. We encourage our customers to dress how they feel and to use our pieces to express themselves. Our product is for the fat individual who is dripping in confidence and self love, Although we do not promote obesity we believe it is important to love yourself at all stages. "ZURIIARII"'s origin stems from a combination of the owner’s name Ariel Zuri.